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The Great Omission


“’The Great Omission’ is extremely well-written and challenging. It comes in at 300 pages and takes up some issues that concern Christians.”


“Author Robert Blair of Cleghorn, Iowa, offers clear teaching to fill the gap in discussions of the appropriate relationship between Christians and civil government and whether Christians should serve in the military. He covers the relationship between church and state from the first century to today.”


Handbook for Funerals and Weddings


“The funeral and wedding handbook should help the Texas elders and ministers. In this state both can perform weddings. Blair quotes a minister friend to show that officiating can be (a) challenge: ‘I would rather do five funerals than a wedding. In funerals, we deal with one or two emotions. In weddings we encounter scores of them.’’


“The book offers sample eulogies for funerals and diagrams for weddings.”


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   "To say the least, this book "hit the nail on the head."

- Charles Lemmons, Oxford MS

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"...a dear friend, Jim, handed me a copy of it (The Great Omission). It had been shared with him by another friend and Jim ordered three copies to give away. I read it through. I write to thank you. I will likewise order several copies to give to my bretheren. I am amazed at the concise way you have woven together the story from Scriptures, elements of church history and world history to enlighten us about Christians and government. But I especially appreciated your focus on our mission as the people of God, your rare appreciation of the fundamental issue of church autonomy, and your pointing us toward the cross of Christ."

- Larry Walker, Oxford, MS

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"When I learned that my good friend, Robert Blair, had written another book I was eager to read it. Once I had it in my hand, "The Great Omission" and I began to read it I could only, reluctantly, put it down until I had finished it.

     I was pleased with the clarity and his easy style. The comparisons, analogies and his choice of words delight me. Accounts of his personal experiences, some humorous, I found to be very interesting.

     I'm ordering two copies for gifts and I'm looking forward to more of his writing to buy for our church library."

                                                                   - Avalyn VanCamp, Laguna Woods, CA

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    "I have finished your book, "The Great Omission." I will be passing it on to our preacher, Jon Rowe, at the Upland Church of Christ. He has expressed a deep interest in the topic of the book.

     Your book raises a critical issue in the churches today - a topic seldom considered or discussed. The array of figures from history and the present to bring out the thesis of this book is interesting. It is especially helpful that your have provided personal and doctrinal background settings for the characters noted. The final chapter is devoted to the individual believer and directly to the point. Within the context of an institutional concept for a church the real challenge is for the Christian to find his or her own place in the world as a child of God following the teachings of Jesus.

     Thank you again for the book. We shall heed its message, attempt to live up to its suggestions and share the thoughts with others in the church.

     Our love to you and Norma."

            - Michio and Lorraine Nagai, La Verne, CA            


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