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  Bob's Sermon this week is
from Proverbs 1:8,9!

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For release autumn 2018:

Bob's new book

"LukeAlive: life-correcting stories from Luke’s Gospel"


       CSS Publishing Company, Lima, Ohio 


Robert's Sunday Sermons


Giving thanks for our mothers

Sunday May 13th


Are there many paths to salvation?

Sunday May 6th


Could you identify the antichrist if you saw him?

Sunday Apr 29th


How to tell if you are going the right direction

Sunday Apr 22nd


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           This week's quote from "The Great Omission"   



     “Two major factors always obstruct social gospel efforts. First, hardly anyone agrees on what constitutes a perfect society. Only God knows for sure. Most human definitions fall tragically short. Ask 100 independent thinking persons on the street what comprises an ideal societal structure and you’ll receive 99 different opinions. Ask those 100 people a similar set of questions tomorrow and some will have altered their estimations. If you could ask the same group thirty years from now, you’d have substantial variations from their original opinions. Some will have changed 180 degrees.”

From Chapter Eleven

 For information about Robert's Book:

 "The Great Omission"

Amazing Ways the Church Muddles the Message:

How to Get it Right and Tell it Right

Great Omission

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"The Funeral and Wedding Handbook"

For Ministers

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