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Sunday Mar 5th


What to do during evil days

Sunday Feb 26th


The Amazing News about Suffering

Sunday Feb 19th


How to get the proper credit

Sunday Feb 12th


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                    "The Great Omission"

                       Amazing Ways the Church Muddles the Message:

                              How to Get it Right and Tell it Right

                                               Great Omission

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     “Liberals of that era wanted religious freedom. They advocated social, ecclesiastical, and doctrinal free expression. There was some validity to their quest. But as with most protest movements, they crossed far over the centerline. Here’s how H. Richard Niebuhr described their message: ‘A God without wrath brought men without sin into a kingdom without judgment through the ministrations of a Christ without a cross.’ The liberals mixed countless pastels into the church-state issue. The muddle wasn’t finished.”


Note: The author provides a historical timeline of how individuals and events muddled the message of the Christian movement beginning in Chapter Five continuing through Chapter Ten. Nieburhr’s quote is from his book, The Kingdom of America (1937)

From Chapter Eight

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